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Professional Development Opportunities


This week of professional development is open to anyone interested in learning in, through and about the arts as well as how to integrate the arts into the total curriculum! To read more about the summer institute or for registration information concerning the 2012 Institute that will be held July 16-19, 2012 at the MSU Riley Center in Meridian, click here.

Although the graphic below displays information from 2011, there is updated information available for the 2012 Tougaloo Art Colony.  The event is July 15-20, 2012. For more information click here.

Critical Links: Professional Development Resource

The Arts Education Partnership and the Perpich Center for the Performing Arts, Minneapolis, have created a web-based professional development resource. Critical Links: A Professional Inquiry Process helps teachers and administrators to apply research to daily classroom practice through a seven step process of structured activities that helps teachers develop their own research expertise to improve instructional practices. Also on the website are video interviews with teachers who have used the inquiry process and lessons learned.

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Teacher resources and teacher professional development programming for K-12 teachers FREE through our satellite channel and Video On Demand.

Advancing Excellent Teaching in American Schools

Annenberg Media uses media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching in American schools. This mandate is carried out chiefly by the funding and broad distribution of educational video programs with coordinated Web and print materials for the professional development of K-12 teachers. It is part of The Annenberg Foundation and advances the Foundation's goal of encouraging the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.

Annenberg Media's multimedia resources help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist them in improving their teaching methods. Many programs are also intended for students in the classroom and viewers at home. All Annenberg Media videos exemplify excellent teaching.

Distribution and Audiences

Annenberg Media video programs reach their audiences in three ways. First, they are distributed to schools and other non-commercial community agencies on the organization's own digital satellite channel, called the "Annenberg Channel." Second, they are streamed on demand on the Learner.org Web site. Third, they are distributed for purchase on videocassette and DVD through 1-800-LEARNER and online ordering here at Learner.org.

The Annenberg Channel

The Annenberg Channel is a free satellite channel for schools, colleges, libraries, public broadcasting stations, public access channels, and other non-commercial community agencies. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and airs the video programs funded by Annenberg Media. It is available free to any agency with a Ku-band satellite dish and a DigiCipher II satellite receiver.

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