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Components of Arts Education Advocacy

Public Awareness

Publicize/advertise school concerts, performances and exhibits

Address stakeholders, don't just entertain them 

Highlight the value and benefits of arts education

Emphasize process as well as product

Allow student artists to interact with the public at arts events

Professional Development

Promote teacher training in the arts through district and school level staff development

Train administrators in arts education policy and issues

Train certified arts specialists in instruction and assessment

Seek funding assistance for teachers who wish to pursue professional development training opportunities

Promote high-quality pre-service teacher training

Policy Making

Know who policy/decision makers are at all levels: school, district, community, state

Know what is needed and who and how to ask for it

Communicate with policy/decision makers at all levels

Recognize and thank those who assist in developing policies that promote high quality arts education


Attend school art exhibits, concerts and performance events 

Use your influence as a community member to influence policy

Volunteer to work with and promote school arts programs

Support organizations and agencies that advocate arts education in our schools

Sponsor or provide funding for school arts programs

Develop and pursue partnerships to strengthen advocacy efforts 


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