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Critical Success Factors for Achieving District-Wide Arts Education   pencil

Factor: The Community
In districts with strong arts education, the community - broadly defined as parents and families, artists, arts organizations, businesses, local civic and cultural leaders and institutions - is actively engaged in the arts politics and instructional programs of the

Factor: The School Board
School districts with strong arts education programs generally have boards of education that provide a supportive policy framework and environment for the arts.

Factor: The Superintendent
Superintendents who regularly articulate a vision for arts education are critically important to its successful implementation and stability.

Factor: Continuity in Leadership
There is enough continuity in the school and community leadership to implement comprehensive arts education.

Factor: District Arts Coordinator
District arts coordinators facilitate program implementation throughout a school system and maintain an environment of support for arts education.

Factor: A Cadre of Principals
School principals who collectively support the policy of arts education for all students often are instrumental in the policys successful district-wide implementation.

Factor: The Teacher as Artist
Effective teachers of the arts are allowed to - indeed are encouraged to - continue to learn and grow in mastery of their art form as well as in their teaching competence.

Factor: Parent/Public Relations
School leaders in districts with strong, system-wide sits education seize opportunities to make their programs known throughout the community in order to secure support and funding for them.

Factor: An Elementary Foundation
Strong arts programs in the elementary school years are the foundation for strong system-wide programs.

Factor: Opportunities for Higher Levels of Achievement
School leaders in these districts provide specialized arts programs as part of their broad strategy for securing and sustaining community support for the districts overall educational goals.

Factor: National, State, and other Outside Forces
Many districts in this study employ state or national policies and programs to advance arts education.

Factor: Planning
School leaders in this study advise the adoption of a comprehensive vision and plan for arts education but recommend its incremental implementation.

Factor: Continuous Improvement
School districts that succeed in advancing arts education promote reflective practices at all levels of the schools to improve quality.


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