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January-February, 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to 2013!

We have TONS of info for you in our January newsletter. Stick with us and learn all you can about what MAAE has been up to. If you would like to contribute an item for the March 2013 newsletter, please send submissions to maaemembership@hotmail.com  by March 1, 2013.

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Happy New Year! Welcome to an exciting, already fast-moving 2013! With guidance from President V.A. Patterson, MAAE is focusing on the areas of Advocacy through Arts and Literacy, Advocacy through Professional Development, and Advocacy through Communication. Highlights include the following:

  • On December 6-8, fifteen educators, pre-service teachers, professors, and artists travelled to Atlanta and the Ron Clark Academy to see a school culture that promotes student success and engagement with academic rigor and creative integration of literacy through arts in every subject. In their words:
        Being greeted by a student with a firm handshake, eye contact, and a great deal of respect already had me fantasizing about having a job there next year! I thought to myself that if this was the product of this academy then I want to learn all I could to take back and implement, as I believe that every child has the capacity to be taught.
        Passionate, creative teachers used a variety of innovative strategies. The idea of using objects to make noises to represent the punctuation marks was a great way to appeal to the senses in the Language Arts classroom. I observed the rich use of various genres of music to make up song lyrics on academic content, and creative movement in every subject. I saw firsthand seamless ways to transform how we think about schooling and learning!
    A Spring 2013 RCA trip is being planned. Contact Penny for information.

  • MAAE had a voice at the table at the MPB American Graduate Dropout Prevention Summit on Nov. 13 when Donna Porter and Penny Wallin served on the Focusing on Solutions Panel, with Amile Wilson filming and photographing the event.

  • On December 4, Dr. Evon Kincaid and Dr. Penny Wallin represented MAAE, Jackson State, and MSU at the 42nd Mississippi Reading Association Conference with the workshop: Literacy Through Arts: Developing Social and Emotional Skills with Multicultural Literature.

  • Members Charlotte Tabereaux, Sallie Harper, and Penny Wallin collaborated as part of the MSU writing team to secure a $90,000 IHL Teacher Enhancement Grant that focuses on Common Core ELA/Literacy and Arts. The grant will be used to train middle school teachers in Meridian Public Schools this summer, with participants attending the Whole Schools Institute as a culminating event.

  • With our commitment to Early Childhood Literacy, Althea Jerome (in Creative Arts), and Penny Wallin (in Social and Emotional Learning), served on the Early Childhood Standards Writing Committee at MDE.

  • The Thad Cochran Distinguished Arts in Education awards were presented to Power APAC teachers, Shawn Morgan in Music, and Malaika Quarterman in Theatre, at the Jackson Public Schools Board Meeting on December 12. Principal Marlynn Martin, along with V.A. Patterson, Shannon Frost, and Penny Wallin celebrated these outstanding teachers of the arts with the traditional framed certificate and original pottery from Mississippi Clay Woman, Rachel Ballentine, in front of family and colleagues.

  • A team of MAAE members met at the MSU Riley Center on January 15 to begin designing a new Professional Learning Community workshop on Arts Integration to teach Common Core ELA/Literacy. The plan is to offer this new MAAE Workshop Series through our partnerships with the Regional Service Centers and MDE. Thanks to Althea Jerome, Gloria Johnson, Charlotte Tabereaux, Kathryn Lewis, Evon Kincaid for providing innovative ideas as we prepare this training.

  • MAAE continues important collaboration with MAC, WSI, Greenville Arts Partnership, VSA of MS, Bologna Performing Arts Center, MSU Riley Center and PIE, and Teaching Artists on the Teaching Artist Advisory Group (TAAG), with the goal to facilitate the process needed to improve the preparedness, developmental appropriateness, and flexibility of MS teaching artists with systematic, consistent, and transparent strategies to work effectively in and beyond school environments

MAAE NEEDS YOU! Please continue Advocacy through active communication.

Easy ways you can advocate for the arts:

  1. Write to your state and national legislators. Gloria Johnson has set the bar high for us to communicate NOW with legislators. Below are excerpts from her letter:
    Greetings Gentlemen!
    I hope your 2013 session will be a productive and successful session. I just wanted to share this short video clip with you and ask that you continue to keep the arts in mind as a vital part of educating the whole child, as it helps students to grow academically to achieve at higher academic levels and provides skills that will go with them into adulthood. Supporting arts education is a gift that you and I can give that will last a lifetime- whether it is drawing a picture, singing in a choir, dancing on a stage, or in a play in a community theatre. Children who are given the experience of the arts from an early age throughout their school years are empowered to learn at higher levels of achievement and their academics are greatly improved. My students and my own son's reading levels and math skills were enhanced because of their exposure to the arts. I know that funding is always a concern each year; but, I hope this video clip will inspire you to continue to help all the children of Mississippi to grow and reach their full potential by supporting arts education when you begin working on the budget for the upcoming year. Please support the ARTS and remember how much the ARTS empower children to reach their full potential for success!

  2. Help the national Americans for the Arts spread the message of the importance of the arts by becoming an official member of the Arts Action Fund. If you are not already a member, you can play your part by joining the Arts Action Fund today at www.artsactionfund.org . It's free!

  3. Inform MAAE, media, and community whenever there is an event where student talent is highlighted and celebrated. We’ll post on our website FYI page.

Mark your calendar:
Jan. 24: Ruth Searcy Literacy Conference, Jackson State University
Feb. 21: Kathryn Lewis will be honored at the Governor’s Awards at 1 p.m. in the concert Hall of Belhaven University Center for the Arts on Riverside Dr. in Jackson.
March 26: Arts Day at the Capitol

Wishing you art-filled days,

President's Post

Dear MAAE friends,

Happy New Year! It is an honor for me to serve as president of MAAE.  I have been a member since 2004 and have served on the board of directors both as an active member and in an ex-officio capacity.  I recently retired as Executive Director of VSA Mississippi, the state organization on arts and disability.  A high point of my association with MAAE was in 2011 when VSA Mississippi was presented the MAAE Arts Education Award for Distinguished Community Arts Agency.

I am looking forward to working with all of you this year as we expand our role as the state advocacy organization.  In the area of Advocacy through Professional Development, a committee has already been at work this month reviewing the MAAE professional development workshops and re-designing them to focus on ELA Common Core Standards and Literacy with Arts Integration in partnership with Mississippi State University.  It’s exciting to be involved in this process. 

We all know the value of the arts in education. We know that learning in and through the arts contribute to the development of cognitive skills and creative capacities that help students achieve academically. We know that learning in and through the arts promote the development of skills in self-discipline, creative problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and critical thinking. We know that education in the arts promotes the development of motivated, discerning, knowledgeable citizens who are contributing members of their communities.

Our mission is important – to advocate for high quality, comprehensive and sequential arts programs for all Mississippi students.  Membership in MAAE is a key to the success of our programs.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to please join now, or renew your membership today, so MAAE can continue its advocacy work for arts education for all children.

V. A. Patterson
MAAE Board President

From the MAAE Board

January 27, 2013

Good Morning: A less than bland way to talk about arts education

Tags: arts, equality, teaching

I have two dreams that I have been able to articulate in my life. One is for me and the other is seemingly more benevolent. As I get older I see they can be intertwined. The first is to work as a performer. I want to be a musician, a dancer, and an actor. I love being on stage. I do it a lot. So that dream can and does happen. Daily I work with a great group of artists.

My second dream is to ensure others who want these opportunities have access. I want to see equal access to the arts and quality education. I want to see kids learning to read, write, and create—never domesticated. Empowered. Literacy through the arts is deeply empowering. It isn't the sort of literacy that involves just calling words or even gleaning meaning from a textbook. It is a new and wider literacy that can encompass those things, but it reaches far beyond that. It leaves children, humans, empowered to do what makes them happy. It gives them the power to see what is important. It gives them the ability to choose their path instead of leaving the choice in the hands of another. It is empowering to create. It's equally beneficial to learn the discipline and perseverance required to master an art form. Arts puts power and responsibility in the hand of the creator. The internal discipline required spreads to every area of life. It allows a drive that otherwise would not exist to develop, and it's self-reinforcing.

From time to time I forget why I do what I do. I remembered this morning.

Contributed by MAAE Board Member Joe Johnson, Published at www.educatedtodeath.com

MAAE Membership News

Did you know…

  • The entire Johnson family, Gloria, Stephen, Joseph, and Daniel have been members of MAAE for over 10 years?
  • MAAE Member Caroline Conerly is a contestant in the 2013 Miss Mississippi Competition with a platform on the importance of Arts in Education?
  • MAAE Member Organization, Lauren Rogers Museum in Laurel, announced that Mandy Buchanan, who serves as the Education Outreach Coordinator, is the recipient of the Betty Robbins Volunteer of the Year in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • New MAAE member Mark LaFrancis is a storyteller and published writer of five novels, including these Accelerated Reader titles:  My Aunt Helen, The Hunt, A Dance From the Heart, In Search of a Hero, and Happy Birthday, D.J. ?

Around Mississippi

ClancyWorks Residency at USM

University of Southern Mississippi Dance Department will be hosting the ClancyWorks residency on Monday, February 18 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. This is a K-12 interdisciplinary in-service focusing on how movement in the classroom can help students to connect with learning, one another and an ability to stay focused on their studies. This is a free seminar and open to any professional K-12 educator or administrator. Please RSVP to Julie White at Julie.h.White@usm.edu .

Read for the Record Spotlight

In October, MAAE partnered with Mississippi Public Broadcasting to participate in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record. Here are a few member highlights of MAAE’s participation:
Education is so important, no matter what the age may be. It is my role as a future teacher to educate our future citizens whether I am reading to them or helping aid them in other subjects. I will make sure that I help students to jumpstart their education, future, and career. In the picture below, I am reading to the students of New Dimensions Daycare. Although they are only three and four years of age, they have reached the stage to where they are interested in learning to read and write. I read them the book “Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad” by Jacky Davis and David Soman. The students were able to follow along and also give their opinions of the book. After reading the book, I donated the book to Barbara Johnson, the teacher present, from Dr. Evornia Kincaid, the FALL 2012 RE 455 class at Jackson State University, and MAAE. The students at New Dimensions Daycare are definitely ready to jumpstart their education!—Courtney Holmes

Jodie Engle read the book “Lady Bug Girl and the Bug Squad” to two pre-k classes at St. Anthony Catholic School in Madison, MS. The students created new characters, acted out the story and created their own secret hand-shake. In total, there were almost 40 students with three teachers.

The Greenville Arts Council had readers at O'Bannon Elementary School in the Western Line School District. 255 kindergarten through second grade students participated in storytelling and an art activity where they made characters from the story into puppets. GAC partnered with the AmeriCorps volunteers on their campus for the activity.

MAAE 2012 Arts Education Awards Celebrations

A celebration was had in Meridian for Lauderdale County recipients MSU Riley Center and Superintendent Randy Hodges on October 9.

On November 16, all four recipients were recognized at a board meeting by the Mississippi Department of Education State Board of Directors.

A celebration for Jackson recipients Shawn Morgan and Malaika Quarterman of Power APAC was held at a Jackson Public Schools Board meeting on December 12.

MAC Whole Schools Institute Spring Retreats

The 2013 Whole Schools Initiative Spring Cluster Retreat is scheduled in various locations throughout the month of February and March. This is a one day professional development opportunity designed for teams of Pre-K to 12th grade classroom teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists, principals and superintendents who will experience, observe and create arts integrated lessons using Common Core State Standards and principles of Universal Design for Learning. The registration fee is $50 per participant, and each school may bring six participants. .5 CEU credits are available and is $15 payable at the event - Cash or Check payable to Delta State University. Each workshop is 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM, for dates, locations, and more information, go to: www.mswholeschools.org or contact Jodie Engle at jengle@arts.state.ms.us or 601-359-6040.

MAAE Board Meeting

The next MAAE board meeting will be held February 23, 2013 at Oak Park Elementary School in Laurel.

Around the Nation

Attention High School Art Classes! Want to win money for your art program and see your shoes sold in VANS stores? Teachers can register their schools for a chance to win $50,000 for their school’s art program and an all expenses paid trip to New York. For registration and more information, check out http://www.vans.com/customculture.

Advocacy Tip of the Month

From the California Alliance for Arts Education Webinar: Creative Ways to Connect with Your School Board


G—Get to know—Get to know your school board; arrive early/stay late; introduce yourself; attend other district activities, not just board meetings; invite them regularly to attend events
R—Refer to relevant issues—Read board meeting minutes; keep up with voting records; keep up with community and state issues that effect budgetary/legislative constraints
E—Expect a response and action—Mention that you look forward to working together; ask them to support the arts by voting in favor of arts education and against cuts; invite them to arts activities or alliance meetings
A—Acknowledge their work—Note ways that they or other board members have supported students, even if it isn’t directly related to arts education; acknowledge how tough the climate has been and how much you appreciate them keeping students at the forefront of decisions
T—Thank them for their time—Always show appreciation and be specific


What YOU Can Do


Are you interested in supporting arts in education but aren't able to get into a classroom?? A sponsorship might be just the thing! MAAE has identified several areas at several different price ranges where people or businesses can donate towards an arts experience for a child, a classroom or a teacher. There are also ways to support MAAE in their advocacy efforts. Check out all the opportunities here


Encourage colleagues, friends, fellow artists, teachers, family members…you get the picture…to become a member of MAAE. Support arts education in Mississippi! More information can be found on our website.


Our website is FULL of great resources to learn about arts in education, arts integration and advocacy. Navigate to our website and click on the Advocacy tab at the top to access these great resources.

About Us

The mission of the Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education is to advocate for high quality, comprehensive and sequential arts education for all Mississippi students. This is accomplished by offering advocacy opportunities throughout the year, teaching artist training through the Dana Foundation model, arts integration training, plus much, much more! Check out our website for our calendar, resources and training. Please also 'like' us on Facebook by clicking this link:
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Thanks for your support! And please direct teachers, administrators and artists to our website to become a member to help support the cause of arts education in Mississippi. 

If you have something you would like included in the March 2013 Newsletter, please submit items by March 1, 2013

The MAAE Newsletter is published bi-monthly to members.

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